Buying dog treats online is so easy, so why dont people do it?

dog treats onlineYou know, when I say dog treats on line,  its not that new anymore, but its still a small minority of the way that smart owners are shopping.

We shop for almost everything else, including clothes, but some habits are hard to break.

How can people shop for shoes online?  Even ones that you regularly own can come out as difference sizes or fits when you get them through the mail.

It seems though that everyone is still a creature of habit in buying treats at the local store. Not so much because they are cheaper or any healthy associated value, but because they just whack it into their trolley.  You don’t have to think about what is inside the treat, and most people don’t want to know.

But know this. Most supermarket treats are the equivalent of chaff.  They are just poor quality grain, rawhide (shown to be bad for dogs) and pig products that are just skin and fat.  If you really wanted healthy food you might consider feeding the dogs a raw diet.  if you anted healthy treats you would consider buying meat dog products (other than skin and wheat).

If you buy a pound of wheat (or flour) and a pound of meat (even just mince) you will quickly discover that there is a big difference in price even at a retail level.  Now what you may not know is that there is a massive scale of economy in buying grain in bulk compared to meat.  Meat will always be more expensive because it is an end product (after the animals have eaten grains or grass), the animal takes a lot longer to grow, to slaughter and to make sure it is safe to eat.

But the issue that most people considering buying dog treats online neglect to consider is that their dogs are carnivores that have been lied to for years in being given grains disguised with oil, sugar and salt just to make it edible.  No dog would willingly eat a bag of flour (unless it was insane.  Try keeping them away from raw or cooked beef.  That is because MEAT is their natural food, the one that keeps them healthy and provides all of the nutrients they need.

Some people find buying online more convenient, a lot of people struggle to change buying habits for particular goods.  We might be white goods online and have them delivered, things that will last us 10 to 20 years, but still cant think about clicking on a few dollars of online dog treats.

Next time you are at your computer you might think about your buying habits …