Easy Dog Treats are mostly about convenience never nutrition

Easy dog treats dogWhy are the easiest dog treats so easy?

The easiest dog treats are those that are in the brightest packet and advertised most on tv.

Much like the easiest human food is fast food that costs only a few dollars per serving, comes in a bright package and is advertised on tv.

Do you see any similarity in the potential nutrition content of fast food human food and fast food dog treats ?

Recently we discovered that our son’s aunty who doesn’t have the best diet herself, has taken to taking our child regularly to MacDonald’s for treats. At an early age, getting a child used to food and reward coming from a franchise food place is a VERY bad idea. Between the excess salt, sugar fat and calories, there are the plastic toys, clowns and anything else that a commercial franchise can force down your child’s throat to addict them.

the same is exactly the same with Easy dog treats.

Easy actually just means convenient. It means switching the brain off and getting a quick sugar hit. It means advertising reinforcing your behavior and making you feel better about your behavior (ie buying crap in a bag and giving it to your dog.

Most dog owners cant be bothered taking their dog for a daily off lead dog walk for it so socialize, exercise and have a healthy life. SO there is very little chance that most owners are really going to research or care that much for what they dogs eat.

Yes, people pay a lot for dog food, stuff called organic or grain free or whatever, but mostly its going to be full of carbs one way or another.

Dogs are carnivores whether dog food makers can convince you of the omnivore lie or not. Dogs can eat stuff other than meat with digestive difficulty. they wont extract the nutrients and just do a huge poo instead. GO and check your dogs poo.

What I am getting at is that easy and fast food is the opposite for nutrition.

Because dog food laws are so slack, dog food makers just have to assemble input ingredients that meet the bare minimum of an artificial table standard, doesn’t differentiate between vegetable matter (for rabbits) and meat (for dogs). You will not see the percentage of meat quoted for dog food, and dog treats labeling is even less strict.

You can almost guarantee if it is very easy for you to buy, and advertise on tv or radio (that only big corporate(s) can afford) then most of the dog treats are likely to be easy and bad for your dog.

What to look for in easy dog treats?

the easiest (REALLY) healthy dog treats are the natural meat ones. 100% meat, that a human would be able to eat without getting sick. 100% muscle meat of almost any animal makes the best dog treat, because there is so little meat in dog food.

Mix up the types of animal in the dog treat. Even use 100% meat as a supplement or replacement for part of your dogs kibble or pellet food.