Easy Dog Treats – are never vegetable or carbohydrate based

easy dog treats should also be goodEasy dog treats – are called meat

Recently I had an idea to look up what current is considered easy dog treats you know ones you can make yourself.

And the massive shock I got was that ALL of the homemade treats were just vegetables cut up into various sizes!

These homemade dog treats are the least healthy thing you can provide your dog.

Why am I dolling out dog treat advice on a dog behaviour site you might ask, and why aren’t I plugging the usual dog food affiliate link on it? (maybe I will in the future) but it will mostly be against my better judgement and to just get funding for telling you the truth.

Dog behaviour is massively affected by health. Most of the articles on here are about how to keep your dog healthy mentally and physically. Nutrition has a massive affect on health to that is why many of the articles on here will be about health.

Added to this that I live in NY and many people in NY dont get to give hteir dogs sufficient off lead time – so the least you can do is feed your dog right!

The search words for healthy dog treats (that are easy to make) brought up a site that basically listed a whole bunch of vegetables from cabbage to broccoli to raw carrots expounding how great and healthy these are for your CARNIVORE DOG.

Dogs will eat anything an owner gives them (well most well trusting dogs) as you are taking over the alpha and responsible parent role.

Dogs get 80% plus grains in their regular dog food wet or dry.

So even if you don’t believe that a dog is a 100% carnivore WHY on god’s green earth or New Yorks hard city sidewalk would a reasonable person start feeding their dog more carbs?

Carbs ok for humans (depending on the latest diet fad) but bad for DOGS !

Dogs get all the protein, fats and vitamins and minerals from either raw dog food (meat) or a second hand option of manufactured dog food. If you feed your dog canned or packet dog food they are getting plenty (too much) grains or vegetables.

Easy dog food or dog treats does not mean vegetables

The word easy in easy dog treats actually refers to the amount of thought and effort an owner has to put into cutting up a raw vegetable. To digest that vegetable for a dog is hard, they don’t have sufficient enzymes to do so. That is why it either comes out nearly whole or at least a similar colour as it went in. Grains only get away with being used in dog food by being ground to a pulp, cooked (to break down the protein) then covered with oil, and maybe salt and sugar to make it tasty at all.

A dog in its right mind would not eat raw grain. If you eat vegetables in front of your dog, and they have had them before, and they are hungry, surprise, surprise they will often beg for the ‘food’, they will crunch down on a carrot and even love the texture, but they will do the same on a stick.

For the love of mike, use some common sense when feeding your dog and avoid the new age green movement trying to turn your dog, in one generation into something that it is not. a rat or a rabbit !