Understanding dog behavior problems – your dog is too highly active

 high energy dogIf I hadn’t of read this in a dog survey I would haven’t really believed it to be a major issue.

But of course it is often one of the main reasons dogs are surrendered to dog pounds and then put to sleep.

The dob behaviour problem of being too active

This isn’t a problem for the dog, they were most likely designed this way.

In New York City there can obviously be big problems with dog noise through apartment thin walls.

If you have an anxious or big scary dog that is very high energy you may also initially have difficulty in walking it, as it strains to pull you wherever it wants to go on leash.

Of course you can get dog training lessons or look at youtube or any other number of methods of conditioning your dog. But rather than bending a dog breed to your will, it is always much better to understand what the right dog for you is.

How to choose the right dog for you

If you have limited space (no back yard or small apartment) you are going to want to consider a smaller dog.

If you have limited space (no back yard or small apartment) you are going to want to find a less active breed of dog. These are often referred to as lounge dogs, and they were bred to not have high energy.

You do not want to choose any form of hunting breed dog that is wanting to sniff out its prey and chase it.

You do not want to choose your dog based on looks. It needs to be based on likely low energy behavior and then looks within that class of dog.

And finally you want to select the low energy dog in the low energy breed class.

How to solve overly active dog issues

Most dogs are active by nature. If you have issues with that, then there are always plants and cats. Or very old dogs (but these often have special care needs too).

DOGS are social by nature, so even if your dog doesn’t appear to have high energy, they have a strong need to be with a pack of dogs, to explore and to meet new and old dogs in the park off lead.

This is going to take a big dent in your social or work calendar as ideally the dog needs it each day and in the morning. Imagine you not having any social or media contact for a few days and see how your mental health goes.

Yes, unfortunately no matter what breed of dog you have selected, or it has selected you. For mental health and physical health, and to ease its “over active” nature, you need to get it to the point where it can be walked off lead in an off lead park and it can drain its energy by play and exploring.

Over active dogs are usually dogs that are young and have not been walked. You are likely to over complicated the energy issue, with barking (and get complaints) and separation anxiety which can lead to many more issues.

For goodness sake, just grab the lead and make both of you happier !