A dog behaviorist talks about potential dog aggression with unfamiliar people

NOT an aggressive dogA dog behaviorist is often required to fix dog aggression with people

Only 3% of people in a recent survey picked dog aggression with unfamiliar people as being a major issue. But I bet that percentage is really much higher, since people usually dont like reporting issues like aggression with their own dogs. Kind of leaves you open to law suits in a lot of countries.

Again, New Yorkers leave themselves open to a lot of potential aggression issues with dogs, because apartment living in the big apple often necessitates long work hours and little off lead social time for dogs.

The only real fix is socializing your dogs more by spending more time doing it yourself or hiring someone else (unless you have some really good friends).

Source of dog aggression with people

If a powerful dog bred to attack and kill large animals is not trained properly or socialized to get the aggression out of them, they will automatically gravitate towards being fearsome.

Of course there are some very stupid people out there that encourage aggression and instability in their dog thinking that it is a fun idea or that a dog will somehow turn into a disciplined guard dog for them. Dog trainers carefully teach dogs to be guard dogs, novices created unstable dogs that end up being put down.

The average dog becomes aggressive (if not abused) mainly through fear. Humans learn fight or flight too, but we don’t have as big scary teeth as many animals do, and our brains can reason our way out of things, sometimes. Dogs are often defenseless (or feel that way) and if not guided, encouraged and socialized at a young age, will often learn a deep seated scared personality.

Socializing a dog between 3 and 6 months is a very critical time in a dog’s life for it to learn to be friendly with dogs and humans. Miss this window and you have made a lot more work for yourself and your dog.

Dog behaviorist – and What to do about dog aggression with people

Basically correct it as it happens. If they are a big dog you will need to be more convincing with your tone of voice, but we only recommend positive reinforcement. Punishment for aggression can lead to more aggression and more unstable dogs.

Isolation for being aggressive, correction chains .. there are many training methods. But this is one area that you should really consult a good trainer you can trust. This is not an easy dog training online solution.

You want a solution tailored to your dog and how you can use the tool. No general advice will usually correct a big problem like dog aggression, that is why we always call in a professional dog behaviorist in such cases. Good luck, but don’t delay before it becomes a legal issue.