Dogs at work and Play

lovely jack russell dogDogs and Military Work

During the past two decades, the role of dogs is increasing in military and police. Around 2300 dogs are deployed with their handlers globally to support the war on terrorism. These dogs are providing a safeguard to military activities and bases and to detect explosives and bombs before they explode. Dogs have 5 to 10 times stronger sense of smell than the human beings. Working dogs detect drugs, explosives and alert their handlers to notify the presence of these items.

At the same time, the dogs have ability and quality to administrator fear in an aggressive way, an armed human often can’t respond aggressively but dogs defend their handlers. People don’t mess with a dog when they saw a dog. Since 11th September, dogs are partner U.S military in wars against Iraq and Afghanistan. The Military has had dogs since day one. At the moment, around 1600 war dogs are deployed in the field. Currently, in Afghanistan, every three U.S soldiers have roughly one dog.

Mostly, U.S military dogs have a vast majority of Dutch and German shepherds and Belgian Malinois. These breeds are very smart, very loyal, very athletic and very aggressive. Military expects that these dogs need to strong, athletic and aggressive tendency.

Dogs and Working with Police

Humans are partnering dogs for thousands of years. No-one is quite sure about the dogs are first domesticated. The dogs are becoming an essential part of people live as a result of modern training methods, not just as a pet, but as a guide dog, drug sniffing, and search & rescue dogs, few are asked to give as a lot of themselves as police dogs.

Today, most major cities of the world use dogs to sniff out drugs or illegal materials, search buildings, track criminals and do some other jobs which human police can’t do but a dog can. On given day, there are thousands of police dogs on the job, but there were also hundreds of dogs who have sacrificed their lives to protect and serve. The dogs have provided services to combat war on terror serving in militaries and police as the most important part of these forces.


The dogs are loyal and gentle to human beings. They are also very friendly and play with the kids, balls, disc, etc. Mostly, dogs enjoy playing with the kids and ball, and also feel happy and joy. The dogs are trained to play with different instruments and learns quickly as compared to other animals.