Easy Dog Treats for dog training and recall that are good for your dog

easy dog treats meat baseIn previous posts I made the point about easy dog treats usually being the easiest to make and sell and make money from. That is the perspective of the corporation and share holder. Easy dog treats for owners and dogs (ie nutritional) have an entirely different meaning.

My computer says easy definition is: ” achieved without great effort; presenting few difficulties.” And this is what most dog treat purchasers are about: – but what if it was easy (to purchase and give) and actually good for your dog? What a breakthrough in dog treats that would be?

Contrary to popular searches, easy is not diy homemade dog treats. If you have to buy the raw ingredient, follow a recipe, let it bake, let it cool, store it and make sure you have prepared it so it doesn’t go off, that is NOT easy.

Unfortunately easy now days means no time or thought spent. It means dispensable and usually over manufactured. It doesn’t take into account well-being, and well-being for a dog is mostly getting enough real meat that is missing in their regular meals.

Easy dog treats are those that when added to a regular meal, actually supplement the meat percentage pushing the protein and amino acids added to a dogs diet to 80% of the meal, not 20% regularly found in regular dog food.

How to make easy dog treats that are actually good for your dog

Even better, how about getting dog treats that can be used in the field for training and recall that are good for your dog.

The process goes something like this:

1 find the source of affordable meat based dog treats.

2 Buy those treats

3 store those treats properly in a pantry like you do with your food.

4 choose what size you want to give your dog, and in one session cut down bulk treats to recall sized treats.

WHAT? I hear you think. Yes with a little forethought and preparation all of this is possible for your dog, and doing it once a month means endless walks with appropriate and healthy dog treats.

Beef liver is the most obvious and easy dog treat, that you can break in your hand, as you go along.

But you can also use little balls or squares of meat based dog treats and cut, crush or rip then in half or quarter or cut them to the sizes that you want. You don’t have to over feed your dog during training, nor do they have to miss out on good nutrition.

Experts will tell you that you can only use beef liver because it is quick to eat, but if you make larger treat an appropriate size before hand, and put them in appropriate sized packets all is solved.