Homemade Dog Treats, American Style

home made dog treats american style dogs

home made dog treats american style dogs

Home made dog treats, as American as Apple Pie !

If anyone living in New York (or the world for that matter) didn’t get this reference, then perhaps you don’t own a dog or you have been getting your dog high on Human food supply.

You see, the irony with this reference to all things American is that dogs are carnivores and do not need any form of carbs in a balanced diet, let alone apples or pastry.

But of course pastry is often made from WHEAT, which is often a major ingredient in dog food that you buy.

The literal translation of what the heading for this article is about is that DOGS don’t need grains, and unfortunately the majority of people who make dog treats at home for their dogs, make them out of grains, because its a lot easier and safer (poisoning wise) to cook a pastry snack, than dry a meat one properly.

If you have ever looked at meat based dog treats you will see that most of them have use by dates, a list of ingredients, and some form of safety protection for the consumer. You don’t often get this on a pack of biscuits (or more commonly poor man’s dog treats) – not a treat, actually a slow poisoning.

IF you however make dog treats at home, or in fact buy them at one of your local organic markets, you are most likely going to find them made by a business person or a greenie who believes dogs SHOULD be vegetarian, based on their own value systems, and not millions of years of evolution of the wolf (the immediate ancestor of the common dog).

HOME MADE DOG TREATS that are actually good for your dog

This is going to be controversial (because very few people do it) , but home-made dog treats that are good for your dog will be mostly any dried meat – commonly called Jerky in America !

Sure it will cost more money, and it will probably stink your oven and your apartment/ house out, and your neighbors might complain, but it will at least be healthy for your dog, as long as it is consumed in as much time as you would allow any dried meat stand around for your own consumption.

Linda says: don’t feed your dogs any more grains, they have had enough for a life time. Linda says, make meat based treats for your dog (if you have the skills, patience and money) or otherwise feed your dog some real meat each week, and maybe buy meat based dog treats.

I am not sure why I even have to say all this over and over again. Didn’t our foundation forefathers colonize this great country of ours, and hunt down animals and eat them, occasionally giving a good meat treat to the dogs? The dogs hundreds of years ago probably fed much better on the non manufactured food scraps the prairie people gave them, than they do in the over processes expensive sacks of grain that you buy at your local grocery store today.