Homemade Dog Treats are meat based for good reasons

home made dog treats dog

home made dog treats dog

Homemade dog treats are always meat based

Where do I start on this laughable subject?

Let’s start at the beginning.

Wolves eat meat and maybe 5% other matter (non animal) if they have to survive.

Dogs evolved from wolves 18,000 years ago, and are geared to eat meat based products.

Sure land owners would feed dogs scraps off the table and some of these would be non meat products, but most dogs were still allowed to roam the property and catch their own meat food source. Because that is what they were designed to do. Be a predator and eat meat. That is why their physiology is geared to eating meat, everything from the high acid stomachs to the short intestine of a carnivore !

Humans make a lot of money by selling other humans cheap grain based dog food. With pictures of meat on the front of the packs.

If you look at the AAFCO (dog food American governing body), filled with dog food maker lobbyists, their nutrition tables are geared to making it impossible for ANY natural food, meat or vegetable, to satisfy the rules that allow a pack of stuff to be called ‘dog food’. The vitamin and mineral requirements in their tables can only be achieved by man-made intervention.

This way your dog food HAS to be manufactured, or you will feel guilty.

Man made dog treats don’t have to meet any nutrition laws

So, why is their meat in dog food at all?

While dogs should have a 95% meat (and bones and offal based) diet to be healthy and happy, the manufacturers figured out you can put in up to 80% grains and fillers into a bag and call it dog food as long as you also have about 15-20% meat.

That 20% meat means they can put a meat picture on the front of the bag of grain and make you feel happy about buying it.

WHY IS THERE MEAT IN DOG FOOD? Well despite their best efforts, grains and vegetables do not have sufficient amino acids (protein of the right type) to meet the aafco guidelines. You can’t easily replicate all of the amino acids in a lab, so they have to put in a natural costly ingredient like meat.

Any guesses as to what your home made treats SHOULD be made of to make up for this sickening imbalance in their main food source?