How to stop dog begging dog training tips and tricks

dog food begging stopping it!If you have sorted out that your dog isn’t legitimately hungry for protein and you are feeding them at the right time.  And you are still alpha because you don’t give in all of the time.  And you actually walk your dog off lead and give them something they really like during the day … then let’s get onto the top anti begging tricks.

Don’t feed the dog (when it is begging)

This is the simplest main task you need to do.  If you have fed the dog properly and it has been walked so it got what it needed, then begging is just being greedy.

They are doing what they think they need to for survival, so its not a question of being hard on the dog, don’t punish it, but don’t give in.

Don’t let anyone else in your family give in and feed it.  You are making the dog very unstable if you don’t give hard and fast rules.

But it also requires you not talking to your dog, trying to make your dog feel better. You need to refuse to acknowledge your dog when YOU are eating.  Because it gives the dog hope.

2                               Don’t talk to the dog, don’t look at the dog, don’t give your dog hope that you will give in, because then you are teasing the dog.  You will also feel worse and give in.

3                               You are going to not work well with its continued begging, so you are either going to have to get your dog interested in another game, or put it out where it can’t see you.  Dogs hate being separated from the pack, so this is the best neutral action you can do.  Its not direct punishment, but its also not being rewarded for its begging.

To feed before or after your meal.

A lot of people say with a dominant dog that you have to eat first.

this is fine if your dog begging doesn’t get to fever pitch and you give in each time.

I find feeding a dog a proper nutritious meal (including lots of meat, raw) is what is the best to quench its hunger.  My dog may occasionally want to beg after its main meal, but we don’t feed it from our plates and from the table.

If you find that you can’t break your dogs begging habit, and you don’t want to put it in another room because it will scratch or bark. Why not feed it slightly less then give it a long lasting treat like a good bone or a big tendon or something else that takes a LONG time to eat and isn’t fattening and is actually good for the dog?

This compromise will actually benefit the dog, redirect its attention and get you all winning !