Hyperactivity and unruliness Dog Behavior Problems solved pt 1

hyperactive dogsThis also popped up a bit on the other survey list that we reviewed in earlier blogs.

The question really should be, what is considered Hyperactive or Unruly. You see hyperactivity suggests that the dog has an underlying medical or mental condition, and this is very rare.

Unruliness is usually a term devoted to children not doing what you want them to do at formal occasions. Be careful of turning your dog into a child !

HYPER ACTIVITY in dogs is not bad dog behavior

One Medical website says that “Hyperactive behavior usually refers to constant activity, being easily distracted, impulsiveness, inability to concentrate, aggressiveness, and similar behaviors. Typical behaviors may include:

  • Fidgeting or constant moving, Wandering
  • Talking too much
  • Difficulty participating in quiet activities (such as reading)

Hyperactivity is not easily defined. It often depends on the observer. Behavior that seems excessive to one person may not seem excessive to another. But certain children, when compared to others, are clearly far more active. This can become a problem if it interferes with school work or making friends.”

Notice how it refers mostly to children (those that used to be seen and not heard) Those that you want in your control. It is true that attention deficient disorder is a diagnosed disease and seems to warrant a lot of pharmaceutical intervention.

There is a strong, pervasive and growing trend amount vets to be more like time pressed GP’s and go for the option of prescribing medication to fix and dog behavior problem rather than finding the underlying issues.

If a dog ends up having a mental issue connected with hyperactivity it is usually associated with a rescue dog having socialization issues, then being locked in a back yard,, and not walked or socialized.

The typical process of ‘curing’ a dog, is like the old ways of electro shock or lobotomy for humans who were a little too active. Assuming the dog doesn’t have a badly wired brain or chemical imbalance of the brain, they are often recommended to be chained up in the yards or giving anti depressant medication or a drug that will slow them down, basically taking away the edge of anxiety, but killing all joy of life.

THIS IS NO LIFE for a dog.