HOW TO STOP your dog from jumping up on seats and the bed pt3

happy-dogowner-connection-dogsIf you have read the two previous articles about why a dog jumps on furniture and you have decided to stop them, this article is for you.

You have gotten upset (or your partner has) with the dog leaving hair and dirt over all the cushions and on the bed.  Perhaps you want to reclaim your bed for a good night’s sleep?

The following training will take persistence by the humans and has to be done by all humans, don’t give a dog different instructions from different people and not expect them to be confused with the rules.

If your dog is big, is hunting dog, is a puppy, has had no training, then you are in for one long ride potentially.

DOG Training is about human persistence and positive rewarding.

If you want your dog NOT on the lounge or sofa or bed, you need to have a verbal command, a hand gesture and have 100% persistence with positive reward.

VITAL to the success of this if having the dog not be punished and have a good or better alternative. Its very own, new plush, slightly elevated bed is the ONLY solution.

A dog will choose a better option, and if regularly reminded of what it can and can’t do, then it will eventually learn, by repetition over a month.

If you leave the room or house and the dog is back on the lounge etc, you need to initially guard the area that its not allowed (put baskets or whatever it can’t jump past on the seat).  And when they do the wrong thing.

The reason that your dog wants an elevated bed is that its trying to get off the ground where things can crawl on it. the bed only has to be a few inches off the ground. A trampoline style bed, with a robust comfortable bed on top of it is often the best solution.

Using the same dog training word

Use the same training term and use it by everyone.  The best word is OFF, as down means the training position of lying, and go or out or whatever would be used for those specific actions. NO is so overused that telling a dog this is just going to see like punishment, not specific redirection to get onto their bed.

Your dog will not like having their behaviour corrected. Neither do humans, and they will try and be sneaky when you are not home, so if you have something of quality that you cant stuff things on to stop them jumping on it,  you need to close the door to that room.

Please avoid putting your dog outside because you have nice furniture or tying your dog up. Treat your dog with love and respect but discipline.  Be smarter than your dog in finding creative ways to reward your dog for doing the right thing. Partner with your dog and have a balanced and happy dog and a nice home !