Why dogs bark and dog training

dog barking stoppingThis article is about controlling or shaping your dogs barking, NOT stopping your dog from barking all the time and at any cost.

Dogs bark for a reason, usually its to be with other dogs or to get what it wants and probably needs. Suppressing a bark is not always the healthy answer as dog diseases can be caused by mental neglect just as with humans.

1  Stop dog barking by Always burning your dogs energy

A tired dog, a dog that has been to the park and had a good run with other dogs will generally not be a barking complaining kind of dog

Puppies need more exercise, working dog and hunting dogs need a lot of exercise.

Dog get bored easily.

Depending on  breed, age, and health, your dog may require several long walks  a day,  but at least try for one good off lead walk per day.

2 Stop dog barking by – Desensitize your dog  what causes the barking

This might sound like common sense and very simple, but can be difficult if you did not expose your dog to something that makes it frantic now, or if you got a pound dog.

Often its the few things we miss like trains or postmen or joggers that a dog didn’t get used to as a puppy that now causes them to go hysterical.

They say the only way to resolved this is to slowly expose your dog to it, and distract them with treats or something that is more exciting at the time.  Let them see it off in the distance and reward them as they go silent and sit and follow your commands,  never reward and excite an out of control dog !

 3   Stop dog barking by – Ignore the barking and it goes away

Well no, that never happens, but I dog barking in y0our present is to let you know that it wants something and you should give it,

But dogs are pack animals and crave another dog or your attention, if the dog loves and respect you it crave your acknowledgement.

It wants to do well by you and doesn’t know the rules that you hate barking continually.  This is part of regular dog training.  Making sure a dog doesn’t go ballistic when a visitor rings the door bell etc.

The number one rule is to train your dog when it has had a run and is in a relaxed state of mind, and NEVER give them any attention at all while they are barking.

Success with this method, means you can’t get frustrated and yell at them  to be quiet- like all methods it requires consistency.