The 5% of dogs that dog walking off lead is an issue

2 dobermanIf a dog has a mentally diagnosed disease (very rare) or obvious aggression issues, these must be addressed before you take your dog outside, let alone to an off lead park.

If you have a dog breed that is powerful, a guard dog, or bred to kill large hunting game, you will have to be 100% certain you have control of these dogs before you go to an off lead park.

The reason for this warning is that it may not be your dog that starts a fight, but if they are a dominant or powerful breed dog, they may well want to finish a fight, and if you can’t separate your dog from another dog, you will be very liable for any damage done.

Now I definitely hope that I have not caused you to reconsider your options about socializing your dog any. As said, it typically is the non social dogs that bite and cause deaths to humans (including owners) and other dogs, not social dogs.

If you want to be looking over your shoulder every time you go down the street, because you haven’t socialised your dog enough, then sure you may feel safer for the times you and your dog are not outside your property, but you are condemning your dog to a VERY poor quality of life.

Don’t let the lawyers and anti dog people win. If you own a dog you have a responsibility to give it the best life you can, and that means making friends daily in off lead dog parks.

All you have to do is be responsible for what level your dog is at in its sociability before you let it off lead. And recall it, if you believe there is serious trouble near it.

Can my dog become one of the 95% of dogs that are safe off lead?

In an off lead dog park, definitely.

Of course you need to check your local area restrictions on dog walking and find safe off lead dog parks, but they do exist, google it.

You should however be aware that there are not so good dog owners out there who take their aggressive dogs to off lead dog parks, and keep these dogs on lead. They will yell at you if your dog comes anywhere near their on lead dog.

You need to be confident you can recall your dog from these idiots.

If you dont trust your own dogs level of aggression or anxiety when meeting new dogs, then train them in your yard with dogs you trust and get some professional dog training done maybe.

Once you have gotten your dog to a very good and social level, the first few times you may still want to take your dog to the park on lead and with a muzzle. It is always better to be safe than sued.