Dogs Treats Online can be healthy or rubbish, you choose

dogtreats online dogDOG TREATS ONLINE should be safe and healthy

What is it about those crazy dog treat online stores that doesn’t ring true?

The product.

If you just take a casual scan of the search results for any dog treat you will find sites littered with information about same day shipping and free delivery and extra steak knives but very little about the quality of the product they are flogging.

Some will brag about the finest quality, or your dog will love it. But they fail to mention the ingredients or how pure the dog treat is or if there is any meat in it.

If you are after cheap filler rubbish, why wouldn’t you just go to your local supermarket? Where they buy food by the ton, store it for months or years, and then roll it out on special on the shelves.

The majority of this stuff belongs to the Hard Chew category. Anything that is to do with pigs skin or hide tends to be tough, fatty and of no nutritional value. Why don’t they just sell you a rubber ball instead? This stuff is great for the importers as you can store it indefinitely and there is a big mark up on the profits.

And here is the real test. Almost none of the online dog treat site have any real ingredients list, let alone actual percentages of ingredients.

None of the sites seem to know the difference between meat protein for dogs and vegetable protein, that should be fed to rabbits. They don’t know because they don’t care, because they just want to make money off you and your dog.

The shame of all this is that customers get confused or complacent, they end up trusting just buying from vets who often just sell the same rubbish as supermarkets but at a higher price, because most vets are not massively trained in dog nutrition , and they sell a lot of rubbish grain on their shelves pretending to be dog food.

Your dog doesn’t know healthy dog treats

its just what they are USED TO

Don’t always make the mistake that a dog will know what is healthy and best for it. Dog Food companies have known for decades that if you get a dog when it is a pup and feed it grain or general rubbish, really restrict its diet, it won’t know meat or real food when given it.

Similarly taste tests, where one dog treat is saturated in salt, oil and fat is always going to perform better than 100% meat for the average dog. Dogs like Humans can often fall into the junk food trap, because that is what our taste buds respond to. Junk food is tasty for humans and dogs and bad for both.

Your best Dogs Treats Online advice

Buy as close to 100% meat dog treats as you can, store them in the dark cool places and give up to one quarter of your dogs diet as meat based treats.   Check this with your vet if you want to, they ill agree with this as long as they sell the product !