The easiest dog treats in the world ..

easy dog treatsThe easiest dog treats in the world real the ones that are

  • Tasty
  • Cheap
  • Healthy
  • Easy

Of course only your dog cares about one of these. They care about taste as much as humans do.

The problem for humans is that taste has been used against dogs and humans for years to sell us junk.

Do people eat junk food because it tastes nice or its good for us?

The problem for this scenario is that if someone regularly eats junk food or doesn’t cook their own food much, its more likely that they will allow their dogs to eat junk too.

Just because a treat is consumed fast by a dog does not mean it is good for a dog or any form of healthy level, its just full of sugar and salt and oil to trick the dog into eating it fast, so owners think their dogs love it and buy more.

How to sell cheap easy dog treats

Dog treats are mostly cheap when they have no meat in them.  Meat costs ten times as much grain but is worth ten times more nutrition than grain or veggie stuff.

But besides a dog gobbling down a treat, did you ever think of why treats are so popular besides the advertising and price?

Real food like vegetables, fruits and meat rarely get advertised on tv because they are so generic, but if you wanted to be healthy they are all you would eat.

The reality is the same for dog food and dog treats. The more quality meat, offal and of course bones, the better for a dog.

If people just buy a 20 pound sack of grain called dog food for their dogs, how likely is it that they will spend countless hours analyzing what is in the dog treats?  about zero chance.

So to recap, if you really care for your dog and you want EASY dog treats.  Just find out where they sell meat based dog treats and continue to buy them instead of any pretty pack of no value contents !