How to treat, solve or reduce inappropriate dog elimination issues dog behavior

dog poo issues

dog poo issues

Where the rubber hits the road, or the turd hits the backyard

Dog Training techniques for inappropriate house soiling dogs are the same for those needed to house train a new puppy. Assuming the cause is not a mental issue or dementia.

The big issue for success in being incredibly diligent of cleaning where your dog did a poo or pee aas these are strong sites for them to return to and keep re-establishing territory markings.

That said, you need to work out why your dog is doing elimination inside and how to fix it


You can only resolve a dogs elimination inside (like when it was a puppy) by catching them in the act and letting them know that its not appropriate.

You catch them, tell them (guilt them) and take them to the appropriate area. You wait with them, without looking at them, until they have done there business.

As an adult with much more reasoned cognitive skills most dogs pick up on the appropriate thing very quickly.

As always, if you want to train your dog to do anything, you need to reinforce the acceptable behaviour with lavish praise or food rewards. Healthy dog treats work a treat

You may also like to use a word prior to each elimination so your dog will learn to eliminate on command. At night time I always recommend telling your dog the poo word and walk them outside so that they don’t have pressure on their bowel or bladder in the middle of the night.

If you have to leave your house and don’t want to keep your dog outside then use a crate – big and clean.

Training old dogs to do appropriate elimination outside the house

If your dog is OLD and not with dementia it might just soil because its easier than getting up and going outside – if this is the case, then its up to you every few hours to take your dog outside and give it the word and encouragement to poo in a same spot, and you clean it up.

One site I recently visited suggested you might also consider:

  • a dog walker,
  • doggy day care,

These suggestions suggest that you are not walking a dog regularly yourself.

Here’s a not very funny thought. Dogs require one off lead big walk per day, minimum. If you have not done this with YOUR dog you have set it up to think its acceptable poo-ing in its own yard. A regular daily walked dog hates poo-ing in its own yard, so its much less likely to poo inside its house too.

doing THE RIGHT thing by your dog will help you in many tasks including having an old dog that hates poo-ing inside its house, because it always prefers pooing on a walk, not even in its own yard !