Medical causes of inappropriate dog elimination dog behaviour

dog elimination inappropriate behaviorDog Elimination MEDICAL ISSUES

Ideally you will have sorted this out first – know that your dogs illicit elimination is not part of a disease as opposed to behaviour problem. Sudden elimination issues without anything obvious you have done to a dog’s life is a serious issue, potentially life threatening.


Its obvious to start here, as this is what controls urine flow. IT can be many bladder conditions such as: bladder infections, bladder stones or crystals, bladder tumors,

Other medical conditions

  • problems that cause a decrease in control or mobility such as neurological deterioration or arthritis, and
  • kidney disease,
  • liver disease,
  • diabetes,
  • Cushing’s disease could all contribute to indoor elimination.

Certain drugs such as steroids can cause a dog to drink more and therefore urinate more.

MEDICAL CONDITIONS causing inappropriate defecation in house

Dogs defecate in the house sometimes because of

  • colitis (inflammation of the lining of the colon.)
  • Issues that cause an increased volume of stool. This can be problems with absorption or lack of digestive enzymes – can be an allergy or other serious IBS like issue
  • problems that affect a dog’s mobility or control such as arthritis or neurological deterioration.

As dogs age, cognitive brain function decline, could also contribute to indoor elimination. In fact almost all aged dogs will pee or poo in the house at some stage. If its just because they cant make it in time, then that is your fault for not providing an indoors option and keeping that clean.

However dog dementia can be reduced or eliminated by simple medication taken before dementia sets in. Dog Dementia is a lot harder to stop once it has started so you may consider prevention is better than poo and pee inside the house.