New dangers of Dog treats online caused by your search engine

dog treats onlineYes you read write, and if you are reading this blog its a miracle that you are and that G***** search engine hasnt banned this article.

As a lady in New York, I like to think that I am reasonably sophisticated and that I don’t have any particular bias against California (or at least the tech areas).

But also caring a lot for what my dog eats I think its my duty to inform you of something that has been sneakily happening lately in your searches.

Sure for a long time the large corporations have magically bought their way to the top of most of your online searches. As there does seem to be some magical algorithm linkage between those that invest in paid online advertising and those that are allowed in the top organic spots (even though their websites are filled with rubbish and are stagnant.

Once a upon a time some search engines bravely declared they were putting on the latest most current accurate information in front of you, that is no longer true.

But worse than that is some events that will unfold over the next few months.

What more ads on top of your search page mean

While we are continually hit with innovation we never asked for, the corporations have gone one further and started dropping the organic search results of the real websites even lower on the page – yes in the next few months they are stopping ads on the right and padding those at the top of the page.

So not only are the main ads for commercial things like great dog treats often hidden in page two and three, but now they will be pushed further down on each page.

This mightn’t seem like a ‘thing’ but it is a big thing, and your rich search engine owner knows this. Real estate on a web page is important for where it is and how far down it is.

Top Left and top centre good, bottom and bottom right doesn’t get read.

People are lazy and still assume all the good stuff is at the top, but this is rarely so anymore.

Go and try and find how many information pages do not start with a wiki listing, that is unsubstantiated, generic and often out dated- but they are at the top.

The best dog treats online are at the bottom

Likes wise if you want the good dog treats you will often find that the specialty sites, those that don’t sell every pet product under the sun and care about customer service are more likely to be at the bottom of the page and on page two.

Spend time finding a site you can trust and a philosophy you believe on rather than just shopping by price or brand.