How to stop dogs jumping up on you

dog jumping upIf you read the previous article you will understand that there are several reasons why dogs jump up on people. One is just to get information about who you are, from your scent from your head. The other is a little more important for the owner. the dog is trying to dominate you or your friends.

Jumping up on people happens in dog parks and is frowned upon, but in your own home, it is much more important. In your home if your dog rushes to the door, barks and wants to get out first, or they want to greet your guest first, and then jump up on them, not all guests know you or your dog enough to enjoy this. They don’t always have appropriate clothes for your dog to lay its paws on.

The main issue you want to stop your dog is that if you let them dominate you or your friends in this way, then they are less likely to follow your other commands including recall, as they have become top dog of your pack. It starts off innocently enough with puppies doing it, but when they transition to full size dogs and their weight and paws become stronger and heavier, you don’t want this to happen.

A dog that is dominant over its owner is also more likely to eventually become aggressive with them or even bite them or friends.

How to stop dogs jumping up on you

Positive reward only !

A while ago, and still today with ignorant people, shouting and aggressive domination is what they use This will either make a dog aggressive back or will break them. You don’t want an anxious dog do you?

So the obvious response is to ignore your dog. This doesn’t work with humans, but dogs are pack animals and love to be around their owner, to get recognition.

If you go to the door of your house, quietly, slowly, and get between your dog and the door, and get them quiet before you open the door (i.e. you practice this many times before you get a real visitor) then you can open the door.

Your dog will probably struggle to get around you, so you can close the door and settle your dog down. You don’t pat your dog yet, as this will reward them for an incomplete task.

You repeat being able to open a door without your dog jumping until it is their nature not to jump. Once you have gotten to the point where they don’t bark, but come to the door with you, and you are alpha, and you can let people in without being jumped on, THEN reward your dog by patting and giving a treat.