Social dogs are NEVER aggressive without reason.

Two dog aggression pt2This blog is about what MOST dog owners know as aggression.  Aggression in a domestic dog, in any form should not be tolerated. I am not talking about punishing the dog, but about training the dog out of it and socialising the dog.

Aggression in a regular breed (not fighting or large hunting dog) should have no place in society.  Domination is very different from aggression.  It can lead to aggression between dogs But its about sorting out where you lie in the pack.

How to kill aggression in any dog

Aggression in a regular dog breed is about being scared. A normal dog that is not walked off lead, does not know how good dogs behave will have a mental illness just from not being allowed off lead regularly.

It will not know that its natural to sniff and other dog, and that its natural to walk slowly to the other dog, often side on then meet and greet on mutual terms.

A 100% social dog is either dominant or submissive or anywhere in-between but it is not overtly aggressive.  It is not aggressive not because it is not thought, its not aggressive because its not scared and acting out of fear.  It would rather cooperate in the pack and have fun and explore like most of its wolf ancestors do, except when on the hunt !

Some people hate a dominant dog, but even the smallest dogs can be dominant and one hundred percent social !  What does this look like?  Well when a social  dominant dog tries to mount another social dog,  the dog being mounted can either allow it or pull away, or even have a little snarl as warning to the other dog – but the snarl is not intended to cause a fight, its just a friendly warning.

Dogs walked EVERY day of their life, off lead, and even twice per day, every day grow more social and less likely to display any form of aggression because all of their needs are being met and they don’t want to waste energy on a pointless exercise.  Why fight when you can just say hello.

If you experience a dog with severe aggression, it might need a dog behaviorist to tackle the issue, but the vast majority of dog aggression can be reduced and stopped by off lead walks. Even if it means using a muzzle to start with until the dog returns to a normal state, that is passive.