Aggressive behavior in dogs takes many forms, hunting dogs do it on purpose

Two dog aggressionAggression in a dog can mean many things.  Very rarely it is a mental illness, usually its because of bad social conditioning by the owner – but the next article addresses that.

The curious thing that people forget is that their little or big dog is just a wolf in dogs clothing.  Very similar dna because it evolved from the wolf, but the most notable thing about aggression, is that the wolf is an apex predator. It sits at the top of the food chain and it should be able to take down most meat stock in its area.

So you would expect such a proud powerful ancestor to rub off somewhat in the level of aggression in our dogs right?

The point you should understand about this is that your dog was evolved from the wolf, forced into a human environment, forced to change nocturnal to day living and eat grain instead of meat.

Would you be a little angry too ??

Sure most breeds good breeders chose to breed overt aggression out of, so we could harness the dog to help us in various taks around the farm etc.  Sure some dogs are bred for fighting and killing things, but most sensible people in the suburbs dont choose these breeds or the dogs within that bredd to show overt killer characteristics.

I will let you in on a little tip.    Agression is based on  either ANGER/ blood lust/ instablity within a hunting type dog, or for the vast majority of dogs FEAR.  The same happens for humans they say, if you are fearful of things and a guy and cant experss your emotions or have control over your  environment that often comes out as anger and aggression.

In this post we will look at the first form of aggression- ANGER from love of killing.

In many countries in the world including America dog breeds are purposely bred to be fearless killing machines.  For people who hunt with dogs, and want their dogs to grip onto big dangerous prey, apparently that seems like a sensiabnlt thing to do.

Though if you breed such a dog monster how do you keep it under control. THEN when you unleash it, how do you know that its clever enough angry enough and motivated enough not to get itself killed in the hunt?

Did you know that many hunters of killer pig dogs often say that if you give a true hunter any affection that it will spoil the dog and get them killed.  They will be ruined by any human show of love.

I still question why many people need thise kinds of dogs around anywhere near civilisation. sure we have enough high powered guns to finish the dog, without creating dogs that are destined to be killed.