Types of soiling dog elimination dog behavior problems

dog behavior dog elimination problemsYou know, this is not a topic that usually people think about Until your dog has a soiling issue, inside the house, we don’t usually care about what they do with their business. This is very bad, as I always check my dogs stools to see how well their sensitive stomach is going, what they might have eaten accidentally like rubber etc. Is it consistent etc.

Why dog dogs pee on upright surfaces

This is obvious to most people. However some people think its only about ease of peeing. Some dogs pee by cocking a leg while others squat. Some change depending on what they are aiming for.

Both a cocked leg or a squat by a dog (male and female) can be just a pee or marking territory. HOWEVER a squirt onto a vertical surface is always about marking territory. Leaving a calling card, sometimes dominance and saying this is my territory. Since many levels of submissive and dominant dog cock their legs marking a vertical surface isnt all about wanting to be dominant, but wanting to be known.

The reason dogs pee or urinate on a vertical surface (particularly out doors) is that rain will wash away a ascent left on the ground. One pee onto a vertical surface has the dog think that it wont be washed AWAY as easily and it will also be smelt easier by dogs that aren’t tracking with their nose on the ground.

Unwanted dog territory marking in your home

Dogs who are intact are more likely to mark territory as a sexual aggressive response. However in a home that is secure and the pack order sorted this is not a usual thing for a de-sexed dog to do.

The reason that a dog might start peeing with cocked leg on furniture, walls etc is:

  • Changes in their hormones making them more sexually aware
  • other dogs that are more dominant or who are a potential threat entering the house
  • moving to a new household or getting new furniture or anyting that they see as a threat or destabilisation.

Its not rocket science to see that these are all a response to increased stress or anxiety of the dog. Your major task is to uncover what you have done that has created the situation, before you deal with it properly.

Dealing with it is not a negative attack on your dog, that will increase anxiety and may increase marking.

Unwanted elimination because of contact with a human

The major ones you will find are called :   submissive and excitement urination

SUBMISSIVE urination in the park or at home happens to anxious dogs that have at one stage been harmed or at least yelled at or threatened with violence so they submit and lose bladder control – much like we might do in a life threatening situation.

The problem is that once this phobia is a habit, its very hard for a dog to break. they might be or poo because a person just reached their hand out or stands over the dog in an attempt to make it easier to pat the dog. Other obvious signs of distress (rather than playful submission) are:

  • the dog’s ears are pulled back,
  • lips are retraction
  • the dog avoids eye contact,
  • the dog cowers

That happens in server anxiety of submission, however some just pee themselves keeping all the anxiety stuff hidden so that you don’t think you have scared them.

Excitement urination is also just a loss of control but through excitement not fear.

Most puppies will start out like this if you over stimulate them. And sometimes they never grow out of it because people think the dog is so cute they go over the top in making noises and tickling the dog etc.